Inspection Mobile App

A self guided inspection aap for inspection of containers in real-time with date, time and location imprinted on the pictures.

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OneStop Inspection is an app developed specifically for people looking for Container inspection in real time. The designated inspector needs to be present on site and initiate a inspection , click Pictures of the material at various stages of loading, submit the inspection and share the pictures on email or WhatsApp. The app keeps a record for pending and completed inspections and the user can reinitiate an inspection and add more loading pictures until it’s submitted. In order to allow only real-time pictures, the app neither saves any pictures in phone gallery nor allow any pictures to be picked up from the gallery to be shared. It’s a must have app for anyone looking to keep an eye on loadings in real time.

We offers scrap management services for sampling and inspection for the scraps of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, special alloys and precious metals.